Crazy about history: A New Film Festival in Montreal!

The very first edition of the Montreal International History Film Festival (FIFHM) will take place from May 3-5, 2019, at the Cinémathèque Québécoise in Montreal.

Founded by filmmakers and historians passionate about the representation of history in film, the FIFHM’s aim is to promote exchanges between filmmakers, historians and the general public, offering a showcase of films of any genre or other media products (especially television series or, eventually, video games) where history is presented and represented. During its first edition, the festival will award two prizes, one for the best feature film and one for the best short film.

The FIFHM is now launching its call for films. Filmmakers and producers have until March 8, 2019 to submit their films on the site The selection will be unveiled to the public on April 15th.


The Montreal International History Film Festival was founded by Richard D. Lavoie, filmmaker, Éliane Bélec, historian, Mathieu Trépanier, historian. Filmmaker Annabel Loyola has been a faithful companion and collaborator since the inception of the FIFHM in early 2018.

Source: Richard D. Lavoie | 514-238-9801 | [email protected]