Schedules and Film Descriptions


7 PM | Screening 1 | Opening
The Film, a Witness of History

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Le dilemme de Currie VOA STF
Réal.: BAYLAUCQ, Philippe
Canada (2018) 7 mins

This film has been created with rare silent archival footage from the NFB, showing sir Arthur Currie, commander of the Canadian Corps, at work planning a battle in the company of his officers. Images and dialogue by actors have been skilfully interwoven with the hundred-year-old footage, which has been colourized and had sound added. The resulting film dramatizes the weight of Currie’s responsibilities and the dilemma he faced in whether or not to commit his men to one of the most perilous but strategically critical operations of the war. The success at crossing the Canal du Nord and the capture of Cambrai forced the Germans into retreat and hastened the end of World War I.

Sur la piste de Fletcher Wade Moses VOF
Réal.: CARRIÈRE, Bertrand
Québec (2015) 21 mins

When given a mysterious album of photographs of the First World War, Bertrand Carrière decides to provoke a meeting with History by starting on the track of Fletcher Wade Moses, the owner of the album. Furrowing through war-torn places and meeting Wade’s heirs, this quest leads him into the rugged territories of a memory that is both alive and elusive.

Lida Moser photographe : Odyssée en noir et blanc VOA STF
Réal.: BORENSTEIN, Joyce
Canada (2018) 26 mins

Lida Moser (1920-2014) a New York photographer, working for Vogue Magazine, travelled throughout Quebec in 1950. She took over one thousand exquisite photos of a society and place that was on the cusp of modernization. Sixty years later, Moser recounts this journey to the filmmaker Joyce Borenstein. The film tells her story by interweaving the photos with animation and time-lapse imagery and combines Moser’s voice with archival voices from that time.

 Algérie (1954-1962), des soldats à la caméra VOF
Réal.: BERTIN-MAGHIT, Jean-Pierre
France (2018) 65 mins

The war in Algeria (1954-1962) leads young Frenchmen soldiers to the unknown. They sometimes carry a still camera, but some, rarely, have a movie camera and bring back a few exceptional images. At a time when a smartphone is enough to testify of daily events, the director wanted to understand how, 60 years ago, a soldier immersed in the heart of the conflict, could take his camera and why? In this film, he meets four ex-soldiers who provide him with answers.


Noon | Screening 2
A History of Friendship

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Clémenceau dans le jardin de Monet VOF
Réal.: PRODROMIDÈS, François
France (2018) 52 mins

One had a way with speech, the other, a way with vision. Both looked onto the reality of their time. They were contemporaries to each other, taken in the same century, the same modern adventure that they lived in their own ways. From the Commune to the Cathedrals, from the “modern war” to the obsession with water lilies, this documentary retraces the story of this astonishing friendship between the politician George Clémenceau and the impressionist artist Claude Monet.

1:15 PM | Screening 3
Art, History and Totalitarianism

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The Music Box VO Mandarin STF
Réal.: CHANG, Joe
Canada (2018) 12 mins

The Great Chinese Cultural Revolution was a political campaign in China launched and led by Mao Zedong from 1966 to 1976. This animated short film is based on a real story and is set in China during the Cultural Revolution in 1967. It is about a young boy Liang Liang, whose family is suddenly taken to the countryside by Red Guards. The film mirrors tragedies that befall children and families who are forced to leave their homes, due to war, colonization and political campaigns – unfortunately a situation which is all too common today.

La Continental : le mystère Greven VOF
Réal.: COLLAO, Claudia
France (2017) 52 mins

A friend of Göring, Alfred Greven, a mysterious man, was commissioned by Goebbels to create the Continental Films production company in France under German occupation. The firm financed some thirty films that remain among the best of the period (films by Clouzot, but also Maurice Tourneur, Henri Decoin, Andre Cayatte or Christian-Jaque). Who was Greven, boss of the most innovative French studio, born in the darkest era? The documentary by Claudia Collao investigates the one who always remained silent about this studio of which there is no archive left.

2:35 PM | Screening 4
Counter-culture and Revolution

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Un Américain, portrait de Raymond Luc Levasseur VO STF
Réal.: MARIER, Pierre
Canada (2015) 99 mins

Placed on the list of the ten most wanted by the FBI in 1977 for his participation in bombings perpetrated by the United Freedom Front, Levasseur will be arrested in 1984. From his prison in 1992, the Franco-American prisoner writes “My Blood is Quebecois” in which he attributes his revolt to his condition of “frog”, mocked and reduced to factory work as his ancestors, for three generations. Released in 2004, he returned to live in his native Maine where he tells us his journey.

4:45 PM | Screening 5
First Nations’ Memories

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Qilliqtu VO STF
Réal.: TIKIVIK, Kevin
Canada (2018) 5 mins

Just like his ancestors, the Inuk filmmaker Kevin Tikivik dreamed of becoming a great hunter. Now living in an urban setting, he reminds the viewers of the importance of being present to nature and of the difficulty of returning to one’s roots.

Kokom VOF
Réal.: PAPATIE, Kevin
Canada (2014) 5 mins

Kevin Papatie, participant of the Wapikoni Mobile since 2004, presents a beautiful experimental film, a tribute to his grandmother, his kokom, and, through it, to the Anishnabe people who have survived the trials of history and remained strong.

L’enfance déracinée VOF
Réal.: LEBLANC, Réal Junior
Canada (2013) 8 mins

A young Innu returns to the site of the Sept-Îles Residential School to deliver a poetic tribute to its victims. The school was open from 1951 to 1972.

Piégés dans un zoo humain VOF
Réal.: RONDOT, Guilhem
Canada (2017) 48 mins

This is the story of the incredible journey of eight Inuits who came from Labrador to Europe in 1880, lured by promises of adventures and wealth, only to realize they had been trapped in a world that time has today forgotten; the world of Human Zoos. Nearly 35,000 indigenous people from around the world were recruited for these zoos. In this world, men, women and children were exhibited like animals and scientific racism was born. In 2013, Canada and France signed an agreement to repatriate the human remains of these Inuits back to Canada.

6:35 PM | Screening 6
Travelling Histories

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La dernière danse sur la Main VO STF
Réal.: SOULIKIAS, Aristofanis
Canada (2014) 3 mins

While a row of historic buildings on Montreal’s St Laurent boulevard is being demolished by politicians and building developers, the local community resists.

Entre mer et Mur VOF
Réal.: VEAUX-LOGEAT, Catherine
Canada (2018) 75 mins

The Berlin Wall fell almost 30 years ago, but it left a lasting mark on Germany. Drawing on her own Franco-German roots, Catherine Veaux-Logeat combined her family history with that of the Cold War: four cousins separated by history, politics and geography over several decades. A personal project framed as an investigation, in which fascinating secrets are exposed one after another.

8:30 PM | Screening 7
Duty of Remembrance
Screening brought to you by Éléphant : mémoire du cinéma québécois

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Taire des hommes VOF
Réal.: HAREL, Pierre / GÉLINAS, Pascal
Canada (1968) 32 mins

On June 24, 1968, a demonstration at Parc Lafontaine in Montreal, violently repressed by police forces, ruins the traditional folklore of Saint-Jean-Baptiste celebrations. The victims of police brutality are, however, released the next day. Two young filmmakers, Pascal Gélinas and Pierre Harel, take pictures of the event, gather fresh memories, collect the testimony of a few people arrested that night and edit the very moving short film Taire des hommes. A film that everyone should have seen -because the television did not show the images taken by its reporters- but that remains on the shelves. Images that the Canadian Film Festival of state television will never dare to show.

Les Ordres VOF
Réal.: BRAULT, Michel
Canada (1974) 109 mins (out of competition)

Halfway between fiction and documentary, Les Ordres is based on the testimonies of nearly fifty people imprisoned following the adoption of the War Measures Act in October 1970. Four hundred and fifty people are arrested, most of them in the middle of the night, and remain in prison for some time before being released without any charge. From the testimony of some of these anonymous people, Michel Brault drew the anecdotes of Les Ordres, a film that more accurately reflects a historical situation than the (unhappy) fate of these victims of the War Measures Act.


Noon | Screening 8
Religion and History

Le Réformateur VO STF
Réal.: HAUPT, Stefan
Suisse, Allemagne (2019) 128 mins

Zurich in 1519. The young widow Anna is leading a meagre existence between fear of the Church and worries about her three children’s future when the arrival of one man causes a stir in the city: the young priest Ulrich Zwingli takes up his new position at Zurich Cathedral and triggers heated discussions with his sermons against the abuses of the Catholic Church. He inspires hope instead of fear and oppression, and insists on education and charity. Zwingli’s revolutionary ideas initially frighten Anna, but then a love affair quickly develops between the two. Zwingli’s success becomes dangerous within a very short time. His ideas almost trigger a civil war, with a struggle for power and sovereignty beginning at the same time within the inner circles of the movement. Zwingli has to take some difficult decisions when the Catholic forces begin to form across Europe: is he ultimately prepared to die for the Reformation, thereby sacrificing his love ?

2:30 PM | Screening 9
Comedies, A Story of Humor

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The Master of York VOA STF
Réal.: QUIRKE, Kieron
Royaume-Uni (2018) 15 mins

In 12th century York, Rav Menachem is a dedicated Rabbi and Master of the Law, whose life of study is wrecked when his brother dies. Menachem is obliged by the Law to marry Chana, his brother’s widow, and to meet her sexual needs – a task that wreaks havoc with his studies. Anxious to get his scholar’s life back, he turns to his knowledge of ancient Jewish magic, and fashions a Golem. But Gideon the Golem turns out to be useful in other ways and soon the servant supplants the master…

Brûlez Molière ! VOF
Réal.: MALATERRE, Jacques
France (2018) 97 mins

In 1664, the notoriety of Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, Molière, actor, author and troupe leader, is well established. King Louis XIV, a lover of the arts, understood this well and made him one of his favorite artists. However, in the spring of this year, the young sovereign, eager to establish his power against the Catholic Church, forbade Molière to represent his new comedy, Tartuffe, which ridicules the devotees. A true political thriller, the Tartuffe affair reveals the life of an artist in his fight against royal and religious power. A skilful tactician, a fervent idealist, libertarian libertine, Jean-Baptiste will not give up.

4:45 PM | Screening 10
Memory of Women

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Le code noir(e) VOF
Réal.: BERDA, Virginie
France (2018) . 52 mins

What traces will women have left in the long and painful history of slavery? Here and there, historians address the fate of women. But almost no book, no documentary in the French-speaking world takes into account from an analytical point of view their condition, their suffering, their struggle. To be a woman and to be a slave is to be in the minority among men, to be a sexual object in addition to an object of toil, but it is also to transmit an oral tradition, to fight on a daily basis and sometimes to fight at all times for the ultimate hope: freedom.

Le dernier souffle, au coeur de l’Hôtel-Dieu de Montréal VOF
Réal.: LOYOLA, Annabel
Canada (2017) 72 mins

Founded by Jeanne Mance in 1642 at the same time as the city, Hôtel-Dieu de Montréal is about to disappear, to be replaced by the new CHUM. Faced with the impending dismantling of Hôtel-Dieu, this documentary responds to the need to rediscover this place and those who make it live. The history of the Hôtel-Dieu is embodied by its last occupants. Each in their own way, they reveal one of the motives that have made it live for nearly 375 years: family spirit, care and transmission.

7:30 PM | Screening 11 |Final Evening and Awards Presentation
History and Identity

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Zachary Richard, toujours batailleur
Réal.: COMEAU, Phil
Canada (2016) 80 mins

Louisiana singer Zachary Richard is on a quest to understand why Acadians and Cajuns are a resilient people and what is the relevance of Acadian identity today. He traces the journey of his Acadian heritage in Canada to discover the trials and tribulations of his ancestors, the Richard and Boudreaux families. Zachary returns to Louisiana (USA) to explore what has been kept of his Acadian cultural heritage. Will he be capable of coming to terms with his past, to forgive and look towards the future?