Rules and Regulations

The forth edition of the Montréal International History Film Festival (FIFHM) will be held in Montréal, from May 11 to May 15, 2022, in a hybrid formula between indoor screenings and web access. For this forth edition, the Festival will award two prizes: Best feature film and Best short film.  No monetary sum will be awarded with the prizes.

Article 1: Registrationʼs requirements
Films submitted to the Festival can be of any genre (fiction, non-fiction, animation, etc.) and of any length, but should relate to a historical subject or character, heritage issues, or the relationships society builds with historical knowledge. Films of a duration from 1 to 40 minutes (including credits) will be considered short films. Films of a longer duration will be considered feature films. For its second edition, the Festival will accept films terminated on or after January 1st, 2017.       

Article 2: Translations
Films may be submitted with French subtitled versions, French versions, or English versions or subtitles (the producer will undertake to make a French subtitled version of the film if selected).

Article 3: Number of films submitted
Directors are allowed to submit several films to the selection, but only one can be selected.

Article 4: Programming committee
The programming committee is chosen by the Board of directors. Its decisions are final.

Article 5: Prize award
A jury will be chosen by the Board of directors and will award the 2022 FIFHM Prizes to the directors of the winning films. Eventually, other special prizes may be awarded by the jury.

Article 6: Deadline and fees for submission
Entry forms and viewing links should be received at the Festivalʼs office no later than February 15, 2022, with the registration fee ($50 USD for a feature film, $30 USD for a short film). Once submitted, films cannot be withdrawn.

Article 7: Decisions of the programming committee
The programming committee will unveil the selection on March 25, 2022.

Article 8: Viewing links for selection
Films must be submitted via a viewing link on a recognized platform (Vimeo, YouTube, etc.), accompanied by the password if applicable. The films must be downloadable to facilitate the work of the programming committee.

Article 9: Shipping charges of screening copies
The shipping costs are the responsibility of the sender. The Festival will only support the return costs of the screening copies of the selected films. Screening copies must be received by April 12, 2022.

Article 10: Film screening format
For the screening of selected films, producers must provide DCP copies or a high quality digital file on digital media.

Article 11: Screening of the selected films
The producer, director and distributor of the film agree that the film will be screened during the Festival if it is selected, completely free of charges and rights. Screenings could be before a live audience or online, depending on the hybrid formula that will be adopted.

Article 12: Festival promotion
The producer and director of the selected film agree that the Festival uses an excerpt of a maximum of 30 seconds to make a trailer of the Festival and to promote its activities.

Article 13: Presence of the director
The presence of the director of a selected work, if screened before a live audience, is not mandatory but appreciated. Directors of selected works will be able to attend all the sessions of the Festival free of charge and will be able to exchange with the audience after the screening of their film.

Article 14: Unforeseen cases
The FIFHM Chair has the power to resolve all cases not provided for in the regulation.

Article 15: Adherence to the regulation
The inscription of a film at the FIFHM implies acceptance of and adherence to this regulation.